A Product Review for App Store Optimization Tool – Sensor Tower


A product review was conducted on an ASO tools used in mobile apps marketing. It is known as Sensor Tower which is available at sensortower.com. This review was conducted on a free version of the software which is limited to one active apps and eight keywords. In order to understand the effectiveness of this tool, I use it to analyze my own apps which was published in apple AppStore.

What is Sensor Tower?

Sensor Tower is an online analytical tool for App Store Optimization. The primary function is to use for keyword analysis for mobile apps. Some of the key modules are:-

  • keyword ranking
  • Keyword optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Suggestion
  • Keyword Translation
  • Keyword Spy
  • Category Ranking
  • Track Competitor
  • Download & Revenue.

Module 1 – Keyword Ranking

This module allows you to track which keyword is ranked for. A report consist of several tracking parameters is displayed. It is helpful for you to understand your app ranking and factors affecting it.

In order to understand the functionality of the sensor tower software, I used it to analyze my hotel app with the keyword “best deal hotel”. The analysed results are described below:-

Traffic Score – 1.9 ( most traffic score is 10 )

This score is an estimate of how many people are searching for the specified keyword. A higher score means more people are using this keyword to do a search.

The score is 1.9 – It has relatively low search volume.

iPhone Difficulty – 0.4 ( scale of 0 to 10 )

This score is given in a scale of 0 to 10. It represents how difficult it is for an app to rank top for a specific keyword. The lower the score, the easier is to rank top for a specific keyword. Conversely, a higher the score indicates more difficult to rank to the top.

The score is 0.4 – It is relatively easy to rank top for the given keyword

iPhone Apps – 39 ( high score meant higher competition )

This score is straight forward. It shows the total number of similar apps in AppStore. For a higher the score, there are more competing apps in the store.

The score is 39 – It is 39 apps with the same keyword.

iPhone Rank – 5 ( low score meant top ranking )

This is the easiest indicator. It simply tell you the ranking position of your app for given a keyword.

The score is 5 – the apps is ranked at position 5.



1) The score for the respective keyword is a useful data to improve your apps ranking.


1) The score in the report is only indicative. There is no real number to show the amount of traffic.

In Summary, you have to interpret the scores logically since real number is not available. You have to test which keyword has better potential to get high download. The tools does not tell you exactly what you need to do.

Module 2 – Keyword Optimization

This Module has the ability to analyze a single or multiple keywords for a published apps. You can input as many keyword as you wish. There is a counter to show the total number of characters. A color band is there for all the keyword inserted for analysis. A red color band indicate duplicated entry. Amber color mean similar keyword term is included. A unique keyword is shown in green color.

You can click on those keyword with red and amber color band to optimize the list until it is 100 or less. Once the list is optimized to 100 characters, you can click on the search button to see the potential ranking of each keyword.

The search results provides a table consist the following data headings:-

iPhone Rank -

This is a score indicates the position in which an apps is ranked for a specific keyword. Example: My hotel apps ranked in position 136 for the keyword “booking”.

I can click on the word “booking” to spy on other apps which is ranked with the same keyword.

iPad Rank

Similar usage as iPhone Rank but it is meant for iPad.

Traffic Score

This score is an estimate of how many people are searching for a specific keyword. A high score means more people do the search for the same phrase.

iPhone Difficulty – ( scale of 0 to 10 )

This score is given in a scale of 0 to 10, with a10 being the most difficult. Obviously, a lower score is the easier to rank and vice versa.

iPad Difficulty – ( scale of 0 to 10 )

Similar definition with iPhone Difficulty

iPhone Apps – high score meant higher competition

This score is straight forward. It shows the total number of similar apps in AppStore given a specific keyword. A high score mean more app are in the store. It may also reflect a high demand of the keyword which lead to more developer willing to build similar apps.

iPad Apps – high score meant higher competition

Similar definition with iPhone apps



1) It provides an indicator to view the number of characters

2) It highlights duplicated and similar keywords for optimization.

3) Each of the selected keyword is tabulated to show its suitability


1) no obvious issue

Module 3 – Keyword Research

This is a useful module that allows you to do a search on any keyword you desired. When a search is done, a list of top apps will be displayed in a table which consist of detail information listed below:-

Release Date

It indicates the date the apps is first released to the store

Last Update

Date shown in this column indicates when the apps was last updated

In app Purchase

If the display is blank, it means there is no in app purchase. Otherwise, it will show a yes.

All Time Reviews

It indicate the total number of reviews done by viewers since the released date.

Current Reviews

It indicate the total number of reviews for the current month


I have no explanation of this term used.


It indicate the category for which the apps was registered.


It is used to spy own or competing apps for the same keyword


1) Traffic score is a good indicator to demand of a keyword

2) iPhone and iPad difficulty provides a score to ranking difficulty. A low score implied a better chance to rank top.

3) iPhone apps and iPad apps score indicates the number of apps already published in the store. It is also a reflection of number of competitor for the keyword.


Since there is not explanation note by the side of the report heading, I can only give my best guess to its meaning.

Module 4 – Keyword Suggestions

This Module is quite straight forward. A list of suggested keywords are provided based on your apps. Detail analytical data are provided in a table to similar Ranking.


1) very useful tools to enhance your list of keyword


No obvious issue

Module 5 – Translation

This Module consist of 22 language translation. For each translated languages, it provides the number of characters used.


Can do multiple language translation with one source keyword entry


Language provided are fixed. no selection are provided.

Module 6 – Spying

This Module allows you extract keyword used for a particular apps. It is a useful tool to know what competitors are doing.


More competitor apps can be identified.


No obvious issue

Module 7 – Category Ranking

This module provides a chart which track the ranking of your apps by category.

Module 8 – Track competitors

The module track all your competitor apps.

Module 9 – download & Revenue

No able to test this module as my apps has low downloads.

Summary and Conclusion

In summary, this free version of ASO tools is a comprehensive analytical tools for keyword research as well as analyzing competitors. The result is more fact based. It is a valuable tools to be used for own apps ranking. Nevertheless, it took me several attempts to understand various functionality and data interpretations.

Although there is limitations in this free version, it was helpful for me to use it to analyze my own hotel apps. If you need to analyze more than one apps, you can upgrade to a paid subscription which provides a 14 days trial period.

However, you need to provided your credit card details in order to subscribe to the upgrade.

Serving the Net in China with supervpn.net

Serving the net in China can be an easy task if you stay in resonable big hotel. I am not too sure about free internet accessibility in those budget hotel in China, but the hotel I stayed was a five star golf repsort in Baoshun.  However, the free WIFI internet access is only available at public places like the lobby and conference rooms.  For room internet access, you need to pay for the wired internet service.

What if you are on the move with your ipone, andriod or  ipad and the like? You need a public WIFI network to get you connected to the  Internet world. That is a easy task too.  If you are not which WIFI network to subscribe to, just do a search and you will find enough choices.

There is one common problem with the China Internet Access though, you cannot get connected to social media like Facebook ( I am not sure what else).  I used Facebook quite abit and found it so inconvient in China. Lately, I found out from my friend how they communicate with me with Facebook while living in China. they replied to me mere three letter work ” vpn “.

Initiailly, I did not know the meaning of “vpn” but I have to  understand it as my next trip to Shanghai is just a few days away. And it is a 7 days trip this round and I will have to miss my “facebooking…..” if nothing is done.

So, I decided to do a search with google and found a FREE vpn service with Super VPN Service  I read through their website and discovered some unique features that suits my needs. Typically, the followings features are most helpful:-

  • Connection using PPTP&L2TP protocol. For OpenVPN you must order our SSL/Deluxe VPN package
  • Unlimited amount of traffic
  • High speed internet connection
  • Bypasses your ISP’s  firewall
  • No provider logs or any trace of your internet activities.
  • Your IP is hidden while using Super VPN services
  • Works for PC on Windows /Linux/Mac OS
  • Works for mobile phones with Android/Windows/Mobile/iPhone/Blackberry/Symbian platform
  • Easy to install and use
  • Instant VPN account activation

To get a Free account, just browse the website of supervpn.net and you will be guided the application procedure. One of application producdures is to write a review about super VPN Service in your blog with a PR1  as minimum requirement. Next is to infom them aheir in about your review in procedure Step 2.

Then wait for their review and approval.   Good luck

Airasia Low Airfare Finder

Travel  locally or overseas for a business or leisure trip can be quite a challenge. Besides making ground arrangement, booking airline is quite a task if you want to pay less for the same trip. Why not ? After all, there is no difference to the inflight service for the same class you are, whether you pay more or less.

airasia low fare finderWith today’s online air ticket booking, the fares varies from day to day for the same flight and destination. If you have a flexible day of travel, then picking the lowest airfare is very meaningful because you can use the saving and spend on the trip itself. However, you may have experienced finding a low airfare by going through the flying date can be quite time consuming especially when the booking website is congested with traffic. Be it Airasia, MAS, Jet Star or Firefly, all of them have similar problem i.e. slow internet speed that causes slow in responding with the online booking webpages.




airasia mas jet start firefly low fare finderI have discover an online tool that allows you to have a span of 30 days of airfare for both the destination. It has color quoting that indicate the lowest fare in the selected month. So, one your have identify the date for the lowest fare which is green color, click on it to select for departure and return dates until it turn grey in color. Then click on the “Book Now” icon and you will be lead to the airline online booking webpage. From the airline online booking webpage, proceed according to the procedure for each airlines.

One setback though, if you decided to look at other dates other those displayed, there is no date selection for you to do it. You have to click on the back arrow of your browser to get back to where you came from.


Nevertheless, it is still a good low fare finder so far I came across



Aviance Innovation Excellence

Aviance Malaysia is preparing themselves to have official launch on 18-October 2011 at PJ8 Office. to prepare for the launch, Aviance has announced a free seminar to support the members who join since the launched on 19th August 2011. As such, Aviance Innovation Excellence is scheduled to be held on:-admission


Admission is FREE

Date: 15th October 2011

Time: from 2 pm to 4 pm

Venue: at Multi purpose Hall,

Ground Floor , Menara TM,


Speakers ( In English )

Mr. Worawit Sornchai, aviance Malaysia-country Manager

and Dr. Phongsakornphat Arunotayanan,

Product Training manager-aviance Academy