Aviance Innovation Excellence

Aviance Malaysia is preparing themselves to have official launch on 18-October 2011 at PJ8 Office. to prepare for the launch, Aviance has announced a free seminar to support the members who join since the launched on 19th August 2011. As such, Aviance Innovation Excellence is scheduled to be held on:-admission


Admission is FREE

Date: 15th October 2011

Time: from 2 pm to 4 pm

Venue: at Multi purpose Hall,

Ground Floor , Menara TM,


Speakers ( In English )

Mr. Worawit Sornchai, aviance Malaysia-country Manager

and Dr. Phongsakornphat Arunotayanan,

Product Training manager-aviance Academy


My First Aviance Business Associate – Karen Ho

My First Aviance Business Associate – Karen Ho,

I am so pleased to have known Karen Ho who came to my newly published Aviance Marketing Plan website and made inquiry about Aviance Business. We have been trying to meet up several times but did not make it as she has been so busy with her schedule. We finally got a chance to meet up today on Oct 7, 2011 at the Coffee Bean Subang Parade at 7.00pm

karen aviance business associate

After brief introduction of ourselves, I recognized that she had 30 years experience MLM specializing in cosmetics. In fact, I asked her why she get interested in my network since she has heard about Aviance Marketing Plan from her friends. She told me she was attracted by several of my websites that appeared in google page 1 when she did her search. She had an impression that I may have something extra that I can value add to the Aviance business. I told her that what differential my network and others is that I offer e-marketing as an alternative marketing channel for all Business Associates directly under my sponsoring for FREE. I offer the same to her and promise to coach her to pick up blogging along the way to value add to her existing business.


After I have explained briefly the Aviance Background and Compensation Plan though I am not expert (yet), I managed to offer her some understanding about Aviance Plan and the potential it has. She signed up the Business Associate membership  no long after.

I take this opportunity to welcome Karen Ho to join my Aviance network and pledge to offer my assistance in the area of e-marketing as well as understanding of the Aviance Marketing Plan.  If you are curious what Aviance Business is about, click on Aviance Marketing Plan to find out more.

Aviance Compensation Plan – Understand the Terminology

Aviance Compensation Plan – Understand the Terminology

In the Aviance Compensation Plan, there are several terminilogy used in the compensation table. You will understand how each of the table listed in the Avaince Compensation Plan presentation slides can help you to set your own business goals and get rewarded accordingly.

Below are some of the terminology used:-

BA – Business Associates

CV – Consummer Volume

BV – Business Volume

PBV – Personnal Business Volume

QP – Qualifying Point


aviance compensation planIn the Aviance Compensation Plan – Income 1: Personal CV Rebates

It is explained that Business Volume ( BV ) or business point is used for calculating your bonus. Whereas, the Qualifying Points (QP) is used to determine your rank for entitlement.  With the understanding of these terminology, then you will appreciate and understand the Aviance Compensation Plan better from the presentation slides.

Take for example as per the table on the left, you will get a rebat of  3% on your Consummer Volume ( CV ) when you have attached a Qualifying Point of 100. Likewise, your rebate is 6% when you have attained a Qualifying Point of 300.


How much is one CV in Ringgit Malaysia?

As I extracted the information from the FAQ, currently in Thailand, one CV is around 1.33 Ringgit + or –  (It’s still based on Thai baht)

  • When Malaysia Aviance opens, it’ll be based on US dollars.  I believe it will be around RM4 +-


Aviance Compensation Plan
Aviance Compensation Plan

In the Aviance Compensation Plan – Income 2: Beginner Bonus

In order to assist you as a starter to the Aviance Network Marketing, you are rewarded with Income 2 – Beginner Bonus. How it work is that, based on the table, when you have attained the 50QP, you are entitle to a beginner Bonus of 10%  by overriding your direct new direct sponsored BA first 2 calendar months CV ( Consumer Volume )



Master the terminology will certainly help you to master the Aviance Compensation Plan.

Unidsys Aviance Marketing Plan – A Millionaire Mind

Unidsys Aviance Marketing Plan – A Millionaire Mind

Unidsys Aviance Marketing Plan – A Millionaire Mind yet another unique passive income opportunity. Aviance was launched  by Unilever of Thailand and India in year 2000. It is used as a Network Marketing in view of the raising interest in the MLM Network Marketing.

Aviance Marketing Plan is a holistic passive income generator in view of its two prone approach marketing plan. Namely: the Networking and Product Categories. Being 10 years since the Marketing Plan was developed, it has evolved into a simple yet effective Multi-Level Marketing Plan that suit most people. It has a concept that focus on building Aviance as your own business by developing network leaders within your won Aviance Network. It has a simple registration procedure to Join Aviance Network as a business associate. Each members are given your own website that help to build your credibility.  example: This link is my UNIDSys Assigned website http://unidsys.com/lmfoong/

aviance product categories


On the second approach, Aviance has a full range of product categories that ranged from beauty/health care to personal household products.  A screenshot of the product range  which consist of

  • Full range of slimming products such as :- Fat-block, Carbo-block and Fat-burn products.
  • Complimentary range of health line products such as:- Multi-Vit & Minerals plus, Cal-Mag plus, Ginseng plus, Omega3 plus, etc.
  • Super-safe Home care line such as the concentrated dish washing liquid. It was designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent safety standards that it is recommended for washing infant-baby milk bottles and vegetables.



If you are looking for a passive income solution. Join Aviance Marketing Plan


Birthday Pledge Registration Form for Business

This Birthday Pledge Registration Form is applicable to business owners to subscribe to my Birthday Pledge 2011
It is limited to first approved 11 business owners who are interested to improve or set up their business and subject to final approval.


Below is the invitation I send out:-

Dear Friends,

I have a birthday pledge to make especially to all my fb friends. As my coming birthday falls on a very auspicious day, ie on a rare occasion for all same 6 digits in the day-month-year sequence in the calendar, i.e.11-11-11

Yes, it is a very special day for me and I want to make my birthday pledge to “SHARE FOR FREE”, my knowledge to all my fb friends as follows:-

1) For the “FIRST ELEVEN” persons who wanted to know how to improve their business.

1,1) I will get to understand your business background, direction, objectives and key performance indicators.

1.2) I will then chat with you to clarify your business environment and competitions

1.3) I will evaluate your operation strategies and capabilities

1.4) I will analyse your Profit & Loss Statement (if you are willing to disclose)

1.5) I will give you my recommendations what you can do as an alternative or additional options

1.6) I will offer email support for eleven months for FREE pertaining to the implementations of any improvements arising from my recommendations

Note: The selection of the candidate to take up this project is subjected to my approval without giving any reason.

DISCLAIMER: The above study, analysis, evaluation are strictly based on the information I obtained and it does not have any promise written or verbal to its outcome. Any recommendation arise if any does not guarantee any financial contribution either in the form of income or profit and future sales. I reserved the rights to make any changes or amendment to implementation of the project.

The above project if undertaken will be on a voluntarily basis and may be terminated by either party with or without notice.

Go ahead and register yourself in the registration form below:-

If Anything is Possible, Then the Sky Is The Limit